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RWS India welcomes LGBTQ entreprenuers for Virual Confrence. In India, RWS is instrumental in enabling and empowering LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs to contribute to India’s pink economy by connecting them with progressive organisations that have a strong intent and an affirmative action towards building supplier diversity. We hereby invite you to participate in an exclusive invite-only Virtual LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Conference.

Details are as follows:
Date : 18th July, 2020
Time : 3pm onwards

Nasirodien Ebden-Hitzeroth (aka Dean)

Media Entrepreneur and Business Owner this best sums up Dean Ebden – Cut his teeth in dog eat dog world of newspapers publishing. Armed with a marketing Diploma Qualification He was also selected to attend the prestigious Natal Newspapers Executive Development Programme (3years). Covering all aspects of Newspaper Publishing and Leadership.

He spent his formative years working for the major publishing houses in SA. Times Media and Independent Newspapers in a varierty of portforlios. Advertising Sales Manager, Head Commercial Editorial, Client Service Director and New Product Development and Marketing. He also looked after International Sales for Jonnic.  Dean has wide media, lobbying, network experience, while his operational areas covers marketing, sales, finance and new business development. He was part of the management team that launched Sunday World and Sports Day Newspapers.

In 2000 he spread his wings to form Vukile Communications, a full service agency, with a strong focus in Media, Marketing and Advertising, The agency is now trading as Oxygen Media which he heads. He diversified his revenue stream to include interest in and hospitality setting up Micasa Sucasa guesthouses and restaurants

Dean sits on the board of LGBTI PLUS – Business Network as an Excutive Director.(NPO) He was very instrumental in the formation of this organisation.

The aim of PLUS is to champion, promote, support and empower South African lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex business owners and entrepreneurs with valuable opportunities to learn, network, do business and prosper, contributing to the redress of the structural and economic injustices of our past.

Aparna Mittal

Aparna Mittal is a leading Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, and an internationally recognized corporate lawyer with over 16 years of experience. Previously worked as Partner at leading Indian law firms such as AZB & Partners, and Luthra & Luthra.

She is the Founder of Samāna a Centre for Gender, Policy, and Law. A Gender and LGBT equality focused consultancy. She advises leading organizations on 5 key areas: Gender and LGBT Diversity & Inclusion at the Workplace, Anti Sexual Harassment, Gender Mainstreaming in Philanthropy & CSR, Gender Impact Investing, and Advocacy on Gender Laws & Policy.

She is also a member of the FICCI Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion and also mentors several organizations, and Advocacy on Gender Laws & Policy.