Human Rights

Rajmala Welfare Society – India’s Diverse Chamber works to advance human rights and opportunities for LGBTQIA people in India by developing a critical partnership at global, regional, and national levels to:

  • build capacity
  • document violations
  • advocate for inclusion and equality, and
  • hold leaders accountable for protecting the rights of all LGBTQIA people.

We partner with local LGBTQIA-led organizations across India and maintain cross-regional initiatives.

As an LGBTQIA-led organization with a long history of productive and trusting relationships with grassroots LGBTQIA communities countrywide, we serve as a bridge between local communities and high-impact external levels of power.

RWS operates on a continuum. We work to advocate for and influence change at all levels of power – local and one-on-one, sub-regional, regional, national, and global. We call this interlocking spectrum of power the ladder of influence.

To make our communities stronger, we want LGBTQIA rights to be integrated at every level of this ladder. RWS’s value is in our ability to connect our partner to these different levels of power, and to push an agenda for change.